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Strutwise BOP are recognised specialists in the sales, service and repair of gas struts for all applications.

Strutwise BOP began operating in Rotorua in 1996 and is now located in Taupo. These years in the business have given us the ability to solve many issues where gas filled struts are involved. This includes struts on:

Even some that you may not have thought about:

All sorts of industrial situations have been solved using struts replenished, repaired or replaced from us.

Struts are available in 8,10 & 14 mm shaft sizes.

Strut pressures are set to suit your needs, depending on your application.

Different applications may require different brackets and/or end fittings. We are able to provide these too.

The Team

The Team - Cliff and Shona

Cliff and Shona are the founders of Strutwise BOP.

We would like to give special recognition and thanks to Cliff and Shona who were the founders of the orginal company before changing ownership to Vijay and Jasmine Dheda in 2018.